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  • Kirsten

A Visit to Huntly Park

Amazingly the sun came out for a fantastic visit to Huntly Park today, along with Cllr Colm Merrick SNP, to meet Susan, Kirsty and Pippa, as representatives of Friends Of Huntly Park, and hear more about the fantastic work this team of community volunteers have been doing.

Their persistence and focus means the park is looking better than ever, with some fabulous seating which they have managed to secure via East Renfrewshire Council, the lovely fairy trail area in the woods, which is so popular, and Fields in Trust status for the whole park in the pipeline.

Fantastic too, to see Karen O'Hara from Faskin Property Solutions Ltd who are working with the council to support the installation of further seating in the park, which will make it more accessible for the community.

It was great to speak to young volunteer Holly, who is supporting the project as part of her Duke of Edinburgh Award, and was incredibly switched on to the importance of access to outside spaces for people of all age groups.

I know Friends of Huntly Park have worked their socks off to achieve such a great deal. They are tackling about a get together in the park in Spring. I think this will be fantastic, and I know their hard work continues meantime.


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