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Kirsten Oswald MP, Member of Parliament for East Renfrewshire, has welcomed a stay of execution for the 52-Barrhead Circular bus route following a meeting which she arranged with senior executives from McGill’s.

McGill’s had planned to withdraw the number 52 bus service on 21 January, however following today’s meeting, the withdrawal has been delayed until 1 April, allowing further consideration to be given to its longer term future.

Kirsten Oswald MP organised the meeting with McGill’s, which was also attended by community activist Rena McGuire, a representative from Tom Arthur MSP’s office, Paul O'Kane MSP, Councillor Chris Lunday, and Councillor Angela Convery.

Kirsten has been out in Barrhead speaking to local residents about the proposed withdrawal of this route and hearing their concerns as well as sharing the petition organised by community activist Rena McGuire. The issue was also recently raised at Westminster where Kirsten lodged a petition outlining local opposition, as well as highlighting the issue on the floor of the House of Commons.

Kirsten said: “I welcome the decision by McGill’s for a stay of execution for the no 52 Barrhead Circular bus route, pushing back the planned withdrawal date from 21 January until 1 April.

“It is abundantly clear to me that residents have grave concerns about the withdrawal of this service which is of vital importance to locals who use it to access important amenities such as shops, schools, the library, GP practices, and other community services.

“McGill’s set out their reasons for the planned withdrawal, namely increased costs and decreased passenger numbers.

“I am glad there will now be a period for residents to fully set out their views and an opportunity to continue the conversation with McGill’s.

“I am very grateful to McGills for their willingness to engage with me and others on this issue and for their openness to further community dialogue. I will continue to work with Barrhead residents and other elected representatives to ensure McGill’s are fully aware of the vital importance of this bus service.”


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