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  • Kirsten

121st Clarkston Glasgow Scout Group Collecting For Ukrainian Refugees

Amazing work by the 121st Clarkston Glasgow Scout Group, collecting practical items to help those fleeing Ukraine.

"The 121 Scout Group is collecting donations this week that will be sent out to Poland to support the thousands of innocent people currently fleeing the conflict in Ukraine.

-Sleeping Bags -Camping Mats -Blankets -Winter Clothes and Boots ( mainly for boys/men 18+ ) -Essential Toiletries -Tinned Food -Bottled Water -Painkillers and anti inflammatory meds -Torches -Bandages

Updated items

-First Aid Kits/Bandages & Basic Meds -Newborn Formula/Nappies/Baby Food/Wet Wipes/ Sudocream -Childrens winter/autumn clothes/boots shoes -Camping equipment -Dry energy food, protein bars, chocolate, tea & coffee -Female & Male Jackets"


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